“Euro Lifecare Limited” – is a marketing pharmaceutical company, which is over 9 years successful operating in many countries of Europe and the CIS. The head office of “Euro layfker Limited” is located in London (UK), and in 2009 opened its Representative Office in Ukraine.

Activities: “Euro Lifecare Limited” is based on establishing long term partnerships with manufacturers (based on exclusive presentation of products and brands on the territory of Ukraine and the CIS), suppliers, distributors, pharmacy nets and the medical community. The main principles are:

- Bring to market innovative products demanded by consumers;

- Taking a part in shaping the market;

- Improving the culture of consumption of drugs for medical purposes for the population, active cooperation for this purpose with leading medical and scientific community, governmental, non-governmental and commercial institutions, foundations and centers that deal with the medical industry.

Suppliers of the «Euro Lifecare Limited» are many companies in India and the UK, the product quality which is certified by GMP. Most of the products that “Euro Lifecare Limited” represents, in line with international standards of quality, which is confirmed by the Office of the Food and Drug Administration USA (FDA), Agency for Regulation of Medicines and Health products for the UK (MHRA), the Agency for the control of medical products in Australia (Therapeutic Goods Administration) and other organizations.